Axle Als sirca 1989

In 1963, Al’s Machine Shop was originated by Albert Araque in Cudhay, California. At the age of 58, Al invented an axle machine for the purpose of repairing road equipment, diesel trucks, and other large commercial vehicles.

This new machine allowed instant, portable repair of spindles and axle housing at the site of the breakdown.

This new technology allowed for trucks to be repaired in a timely manner while saving the customer both the hassle and extra money of extracting the axle and transporting it to a machine shop.

After Al’s passing in 1985, his son Mark and friend Mike took over the business. As the need for more portable repairs increased, Mark and Mike closed the shop in Vernon and opened a smaller version in Ontario California. In addition, they changed the name to Axle Al’s Machine Shop. The new location, along with the name change has provided the shop with a stronger central location and better exposure to the vast trucking industry of California.

While the majority of their time is spent on-call 24 hours a day and fixing trucks in places such as airports, movie studios, and grocery stores, a portion of their service is still done in the machine shop. Axle Al’s Machine shop continues to service Southern and Central California as well as parts of Nevada and Arizona.

Spindle Replacement Spindle Replacement - 1965
Service Truck 1967 Service Truck - 1967
Shop In Vernon CA

Al's Machine Shop & Percision Welding,
Before changing its name to
Axle Al's Machine Shop in 1989.

Shop was located in the City of Vernon, California


Early 1980's

Early 80 Ton Axle, Shop job early 1970

New spindle installed

Drop Axle 1970 Drop axle straightening - 1970's
Spindle Repair 1970 Spindle repair - 1970's
Service Truck 1972

Service truck - 1972

Service Truck in 1980 1972 Ford service truck - 1989
Truck Show 1980s Truck show - 1980's
First Service Truck Mobile service truck early 1990's
service trucks Axle Al's service trucks - 1997
Ontario, CA