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Drive Axle - Threads machined by Axle Master Machine, sole purpose is to cut new threads and or chase existing thread when extensive damage has not accrued

For both trailer and drive axle spindles, various off road machinery

We can cut 12 and 16 thread pitch for both left and right handed threads

Image: New threads welded and outer bearing area remachined


Axle Borer Machine - the Axle Borer is another machine invented by Axle Al's for the complete spindle replacement on 180 different applications

The following 5 photos are before and after shots of our ability by both machine repair and replace a damaged spindle

All axle housing and trailer axle can be repaired by three different machines, we don't wobble fit our replacements
or use partial used spindles

- Drive axle had no oil, melted bearing and axle nuts
- Results after
- Drive axle, some one forgot to install axle nuts
- Results after
Top Onsite "Trailer Axles" Damages
- Trailer spindle broke off at radius
- Trailers axle A line with axle bore and spindle installed
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Scraper had bad threads

Scraper as it sets waiting for the axle dudes treatment



Fork left Axle Service

Trunion weld and new threads cut

M60 Holister

Lost inner brearing,
repair with Axle one machine

Spindle Extraction

This holiser couldn't move for 2 weeks, Army couldn't fiqure it out, they cut the spindle off, we replaced it in 45 min.

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Construction Equipment D-6 Cat
Welded thread
Machining threads
threads are machined
Perfect fit